Questions & Answers (Q&A) Supergreen Food

1. Is there any side effects if i consume SGF ?
Principally, SuperGreen food does not have any side effects because it is formulated from natural ingredients based on nutrition, not drugs or phyto pharmacy materials (materials extracted from the medicinal plant) and herbal ingredients. Even if there is a reaction that felt after consuming SGF, basically it's an adaptation reaction of the body calles as a healing crisis response.

2. How do I take SGF ?
Consumed on an empty stomach, 1 hour before eating or 1-2 hours after eating. For the purpose of weight loss, SGF consumed half an hour before meals to help reduce appetite and do not eat before bedtime. For the purpose of weight loss by increasing appetite, SGF consumed 1 hour after meals or before bed at night. If you are also taking Niwana SOD, should be spared 1 hour between SGF and Niwana SOD consumption.

3. how to consumpt SGF if currently I'm taking prescribed drugs ?
SGF is advised consumed separately with medication, at least within 1 hour. But you should not worry and hassle for drugs are usually taken immediately after eating while SGF taken 1 hour before or after meal.

4. How long do I consume SGF for cases of illness that I suffered ?
Depends on many factors, time may vary. There is no reference to time as it depends on many factors, such as strong-weak or one's endurance, the digestibility and absorption of the body, high / low exposure to toxins / free radicals (environmental factors), dietary support related, genetic, the body's detox ability, etc.

5. Is SuperGreen food (SGF) consumed only those who are sick ?
No, SGF is needed by healthy people in order to maintain stamina and achieve better health status so that they can avoid various diseases, and cutting or fixing deteriorating organs that process yet to be felt. Keep in mind that a chronic disease also takes the time to proceed, until one day just to be realized after the symptoms appear.

6. What is superreen food made of (SGF) ?
Supergreen food is a combination of chlorella and spirulina platensis sorokiniana from the best species.

7. Is SuperGreen food safe to consume by vegetarians ?
SGF is safe for vegetarians, even highly recommended as a daily supplement for vegetarians and people who limits animal foods, to prevent pernicious anemia (severe anemia due to deficiency of vitamin B12 is only found in animal foods).

8. What country does SGF come from(SGF) ?
Supergreen Food derived from Taiwan.

9. Anyone who can not consume the product S.O.S ?
For all ages should consume SGF, no exceptions.
Note : For the case of leakage kidney (urine protein positive) and uric acid weight of the SGF is given in a low dose (2 x 3 tablets / day).

10. Is SGF registered in Department of Health Republic of Indonesia ?
Yes, with registered number POM TI 044 511 731.

11. How long has SGF been in Indonesia ?
SGF since 2004.

12. How is the healing process of Supergreen food againts the diseases ?
In principle, the disease appears due to the body's cells can not fullfil enough nutrients so that it can not perform its functions properly. in these conditions, decreased immune system so easily affected by the disease. SGF provides all the nutrients and phytonutrients needed by all cells of the body that will maximize / improve cell function and increase the body's defense system.

13. Is SuperGreen food safe to be taken forever ?
SGF is basically food for each of our cells. The food we eat every day can not be digested and absorbed it all up at the cellular level. whereas cell every day need nutrients to grow and develop. Therefore, SGF is the most appropriate food to be consumed every day in order to maintain cell health.

14. is there any dietary restrictions when taking SGF ?
No dietary restrictions when consuming SGF, it's just given the spare meal time to drink 1 hour before or after taking medicine.

15. What is the superiority of taking SuperGreen food compared to other products on the market ?

  • Protein content is about 60-70% and a fairly complete nutrients for cell regeneration thereby accelerating the healing process. It can also be consumed as a supplement for growth fetal of pregnant women and children.
  • Fetus in the womb of pregnant women and in childhood.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Soothe stomach acid so it is good for healing ulcers and also to withstand hunger for those who run a weight loss program.
  • Contain vitamin A, carotenoids and lutein for eye health.
  • Prevent and help overcome anemia (lack of blood), because high in iron, Vitamin B12 and other B vitamins.

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